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The role of the Client Representative entails skillfully overseeing the project, operating under a distinct and defined delegated authority that represents the client’s interests.

Our function involves serving as a pivotal liaison connecting your leadership, senior management team, or steering group with the construction contract administrator or Employer’s Agent. This dynamic connection guides the project’s progression towards its culmination, facilitated by effective financial and operational planning and rigorous controls

Appointing at an early stage offers several key advantages:

Streamlined management of consultant procurement, design, and pre-construction phases translates to savings in time and costs. 100%
Local authorities and local resources efficient and trusted management 100%
Reducing the occurrence of costly last-minute additions 90%
weight of project development and execution can be lifted from the client, enabling them to pursue other ventures. 85%
potential for expensive errors can be mitigated 70%

Engaging a “Client’s Representative” need not escalate overall project expenses. Instead, focused and efficient processes can lead to substantial financial and temporal benefits, rendering the role of a “Client’s Representative” largely self-sustaining.